Here at Circle the Planet, we’re often asked about some of the facts about discount around the world airfares.


1) Adding in Africa to an around the world airfare raised the price. This is not always the case but if you about South Africa it could raise the cost of your around the world trip.

2) Adding Australia to an around the world ticket always is more expensive than a trip without a visit to “The land down under.”

3) Adding South America to an around the world ticket again depends upon the routing. But, as each journey is customized, there are many cases when adding South America will not significantly increase the cost of your trip.

4) Circle the Planet, for a simple two simple stop, two continent around the world, almost always beats the OTAs, the On-Line Travel Sites. As many business travelers might only need to visit two destinations on a particular business trip. A possible two stop around might only include per say JFK to Geneva to Tokyo to JFK   –  A typical around the world business class.

5) Although not exactly an around the world airfare, travel on a multi-stop ticket can be similar to an around the world trip.

6) By choosing Circle the Planet, we can mix and match airlines and classes. We are not tied to Star Alliance, OneWorld or Skyteam.

7) By traveling shorter flights within Europe and Asia in economy class, this many times can reduce the cost of your around the world ticket.

8) It is not always free to change dates on certain constructed airfares.

9) Circle the Planet never says “no” to your request. Each and every trip is customized as each and every business or luxury trip is unique to you.

10) If you’ve already have accumulated miles, we can help you redeem them in a way that maximizes your frequent flyer mileage. Miles management is just one of the many services that we can assist with.


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