Tween girl looking at stamps on passport

Let’s face it; we’ve all left something behind on an airplane. See flight attendant insider Carrie A. Trey as she lets us into her world, and some common and some odd things left behind on a plane.

Flying can be exhausting, especially if you’re on a red-eye or overnight flight. Being tired can have the same effect on your brain as being drunk, and that means forgetting things, especially if you’re getting off the plane tired and drunk, as some passengers do. Here’s at look at some of the most bizarre things people have forgotten to take with them.

  1. Clothing

Oddly enough, this is one of the most commonly left-behind items; a jacket here, a sweater there. What’s interesting is we also find undergarments, and yes, we find them often. Bras, panties, pantyhose, boxers — I’ve even come across a jockstrap! Woof!

  1. Passports

This isn’t so much a bizarre thing to leave behind, but it is frighteningly common. Think of this as a friendly PSA. Do NOT put your passport in the seat-back pocket. 99% of the time, this is where we find them. And you’re not going anywhere without it.

Tween girl looking at stamps on passport

Don’t forget to take your passport off the plane! Image courtesy of Tooga via Getty Images

  1. Toys

Yes, parents and their darling sacks of whine and misery leave behind all manner of toys. What’s cute is when the adults sans children leave behind their toys. “Neck massagers” and such are not uncommon finds in seat-back pockets. I guess we know who had trouble falling asleep

  1. Diapers

This is one thing we find way too often. Parents, what is wrong with you? I don’t leave actual bags of crap on the floor in your office, so why do you leave them laying about in mine?

  1. Barf bags

I know you’re not feeling well, but is it really too much to just chuck the bag in the lavatory trash bin on the way out? Leaving them in the seat-back pocket is just gross — and bringing them into the galley to be disposed of is no better.

  1. Dentures 

How do you not notice that you’re getting off the plane toothless?

  1. Wigs 

Maybe you get off with all your teeth, but how do you not notice your hair is missing? Wigs and hair extensions are an all-too-common find.

  1. Shoes

Seriously, how do you not notice that you’re getting off the plane in your socks? It doesn’t happen often, but I’ve found shoes on the plane more than once. Can you really be that tired?

Child?s feet against airplane seat

It’s fine if you take your shoes off during flight — just remember to take them with you when you land. Image courtesy of Catapult via Getty Images.

  1. Babies

Okay, I know you’re tired, but leaving babies behind?! Yes, I’ve seen it happen. How do you not notice that the bag-of-noise you’ve had strapped in next to you all night is no longer with you? Silence is golden, I know. But you make it, you take it.

  1. Spouses

Yes, he’s obnoxious. Yes, he drank too much. And yes, he’s passed out. But he’s your problem now, not mine, so scoop him (or her) up and get a move on. I didn’t take any vows, which means he/she is most definitely not my responsibility and leaving him behind won’t fix the problem.


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