Nicholas Kontis was born on one of the most breathtaking islands in the world, Santorini, Greece, and brought up in America’s cultural capital of San Francisco. Nick developed a passion for travel at a very young age, going back and forth between San Francisco and Athens, Greece during summer vacation. At age 12 he learned the meaning of travel immersion by staying in various relatives homes, sleeping on couches, and learn to bake bread.

At age 19, Nick did his first Europe stomp, renting a car with two friends in Nice, France and later participating in the annual  “Running of the Bulls” in Pamplona, Spain, during the San Fermin Festival, where he came out unscathed.

It would be an exploring trip around the world at age 24 that would end up being a life-changing experience. Subsequent to traveling by car, train, plane, bike, boat and hitchhiking all through the globe, even saving a baby in Bangladesh. It was this trip of a lifetime that drove Nick to a long-lasting affection for travel as well as to a career in the travel industry.

After returning to his native San Francisco with no job in sight, Nick proceeded to start the first successful travel agency in the United States specializing in discount around the world airfares.

Nick has been featured as a guest speaker on both radio and television. He has been mentioned by Lonely Planet’s Tony Wheeler as an airfare master, and often alluded to as the “father of around the world airfares.” CBS investigative reporter, Peter Greenberg interviewed Nick while on streets of Istanbul He is also a guest writer for USA Today, Just Luxe the Huffington Post Travel, as well as numerous other travel publications. Maybe the greatest point of distinction for Nick is that numerous fellow travel writers and specialists in the field have referred to him as the inspiration for their decision to embark on careers in the industry. Nick’s first book is titled, “Going Local – Experiences and Encounters on the Road.

Nick still calls San Francisco home and also spends time in The Napa Valley, Greece and Puerto Vallarta, Mexico.

Having visited over 85 countries, Nick’s mantra of traveling the world is a life-changing experience while learning from local society, was turned into an experiential travel book.

Going Local Experiences and Encounters on the Road is the first book by travel luminary, Nicholas Kontis.

About – Going Local Experiences and Encounters on the Road

“Going Local – Experiences and Encounters on the Road” is the first travel book by industry veteran Nicholas Kontis. “Going Local“ details how to implement a focal point for travel we should all have– that of learning from the local cultures. With the assistance of technology, never before has it been so easy to stay in someone’s home, share a meal, hitch a ride, and be guided by and learn from local society. “Going Local” delves into the rise in peer-to-peer travel and shows how to meal share, use apps to mingle with local society, take a trip around the world, move out of your comfort zone overseas, or to volunteer. You’ll learn why responsible travel matters and enjoy case studies along with keynote talks with travel visionaries, icons, and explorers in the field of travel such as Tony Wheeler, Rick Steves, Richard Bangs, Don George, Judith Fein, David Noyes, and James Dorsey. The great Lonely Planet founder, Tony Wheeler, gives the cover endorsement stating: “Many people – Mark Twain included – have noted how travel is a certain cure for bigotry and narrow-mindedness. I hope Nick’s book may help persuade people to take the treatment.”


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