We practically invented the discount around the world and multi-stop airfare model in the United States.

While most business travelers are aware of the three main global alliances of OneWord, Star Alliance and SkyTeam.

These alliances, along alliances by Emirates and Virgin Atlantic are globally recognized as the worldwide leaders in around the world airfares.

However, unless one is making many stops or perhaps touching in Australia or South America, these preset groups of airlines are expensive.

There are much more flexible, cost-effective options.

We normally recommend that our clients fly business class or first class on all long-haul flights and consider using a wide variety of options for shorter flights.

Our luxury travel consultants bring over 20 years of experience constructing the lowest net fares for any around the world or multi-stop journey.

We thrive on beating the airlines on trips that most of our luxury flyers take. That is trips of two to five stops traveling to both Europe and Asia.

Whereas we do not exclusively sell discount around the world airfares, it is our core business model, and we do it best.