Barcelona’s iconic Sagrada Familia was prime target of terrorists’ botched bombing plot

The attack in Barcelona is further evidence that, tragically, political violence is the “new normal” in every corner of the world.

The solutions to this violence are long-term and will involve numerous public and private entities.
In the meantime, international organizations, travelers and others can reduce the risks associated with political violence and terrorism.

One way to do so is with tailored insurance. Liability insurance with political violence and terrorism extensions protects employees and property. It also protects organizations from suits by those who hold them responsible for any suffering and damage caused by political violence.

Clements Worldwide provides this type of insurance to UN agencies, the US Department of State, international NGOs, oil and gas companies and others. An executive would be happy to speak with you about the role political violence is playing in business decisions.

Circle the Planet, Clements Worldwide works with organizations around the world to deliver innovative insurance solutions to their customers, members or employees. Clements customizes these solutions according to the organization’s needs and can co-brand or partner-label as desired. Their affinity and voluntary employee benefit programs help our partners form closer bonds with their key stakeholders, boost organizational profitability and enhance end-user value. Our partners around the world include professional associations, expat communities, corporate client groups and global membership organizations.

Whatever your organization’s unique insurance program needs, Clements can help.


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